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Max's Dragon Ball Z Page
Episode 151-291


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Episode 151-291

Episode 151:
#17 fights Cell, Tenshinhan shows up, #17 almost absorbed by Cell.

Episode 152:
Android #16 fights Cell, Cell absorbs #17, Tenshinhan Kikoho's Cell.

Episode 153:
Tenshinhan down, Goku takes the fallen heroes to Kami's.

Episode 154:
All train at Kami's, get new battlesuits, Cell destroys cities.

Episode 155:
Goku and Gohan enter the Room of Spirit and Time.

Episode 156:
Vegeta fights Cell, Goku and Gohan train.

Episode 157:
Vegeta and Trunks battle Cell.

Episode 158:
Goku and Gohan train, Cell sees Android #18, tries to absorb her.

Episode 159:
Vegeta, Trunks and Android #16 battle Cell, Cell absorbs #18.

Episode 160:
Cell mutates to Perfect Cell, Gohan goes SSJ for the first time.

Episode 161:
Vegeta fights Cell, Goku and Gohan train.

Episode 162:
Vegeta fireballs Cell in half, Cell regenerates, Trunks charges up.

Episode 163:
Trunks fights Cell, Kuririn leaves with unconscious Vegeta.

Episode 164:
Trunks and Cell explain their pasts.

Episode 165:
Trunks fights Cell.

Episode 166:
Trunks and Cell go seperate ways, everyone reflects on the past.

Episode 167:
Buruma fixes Android #16, Cell comes on TV to challenge Goku.

Episode 168:
Tell Goku and Gohan of Cell as they eat, Gohan gets Piccolo outfit.

Episode 169:
Show Karin their new power levels, hair stays gold, be with family.

Episode 170:
Gohan saves a girl's life and rids a town of evil businessmen.

Episode 171:
On Gohan's birthday, Goku and Chichi reminisce of Gohan as a baby.

Episode 172:
Army attacks Cell, Cell destroys the army, Goku warps to Kaio-sei.

Episode 173:
Dende brings the Dragon Balls back.

Episode 174:
Goku goes after the two Dragon Balls that Tao Pie Pie has.

Episode 175:
Mr. Satan arrives to fight Cell, everyone else shows up.

Episode 176:
Satan squad shows off, Mr. Satan flicked away by Cell.

Episode 177:
Goku fights Cell, Goku goes Super Saiya-jin.

Episode 178:
Cell powers up, Cell shoots homing fireballs.

Episode 179:
Goku shoots Cell's arms and head off with fireball.

Episode 180:
Cell rejuvenates, Goku continues fighting him.

Episode 181:
Goku gives Cell a Senzu then lets Gohan start fighting him.

Episode 182:
Gohan fights Cell.

Episode 183:
Gohan fights Cell, Android #16 attacks Cell, his body is destroyed.

Episode 184:
Cell Jr's beat everyone badly, Android #16's head crushed by Cell.

Episode 185:
Gohan kills Cell Jr's.

Episode 186:
Gohan fights Cell.

Episode 187:
Gohan punches Cell and he regurgitates Android #18.

Episode 188:
Goku warps Cell to Kaio-sei, Cell kills Goku, Kaiou, and Trunks.

Episode 189:
Vegeta goes insane on Cell for killing Trunks.

Episode 190:
Gohan fights Cell.

Episode 191:
Gohan kills Cell.

Episode 192:
Return to Kami's, Sheng Long revives Trunks and Android #18.

Episode 193:
Everyone goes their seperate ways after defeating Cell.

Episode 194:
Trunks returns to his timeline, kills Android #s 17, 18 and Cell.

Episode 195:
Goku and Pike fight Freeza and Cell in the afterlife.

Episode 196:
Beginning of the Anoyobudoukai.

Episode 197:
Anoyobudoukai, Goku fights fishman, Pike fights Adonis type.

Episode 198:
Anoyobudoukai, Goku fights a dinosaur, begin fighting Pike.

Episode 199:
Anoyobudoukai, Goku beats Pike but gets disqualified.

Episode 200:
Several years later, Gohan starts at Orange star high school.

Episode 201:
Gohan gets Great Saiyaman watch from Buruma, costume is inside it.

Episode 202:
Angela threatens to reveal what she thinks Gohan's secret is.

Episode 203:
Gohan helps save hostages, fight with Videl.

Episode 204:
Gohan rescues baby pterodactyl from cruel circus.

Episode 205:
Gohan hears from Goku, Gohan starts training Goten.

Episode 206:
Everyone trains for the upcoming Tenkaichibudoukai, Goten goes SSJ.

Episode 207:
Gohan trains Videl, Vegeta and Trunks spar, Videl cuts her hair.

Episode 208:
Videl learns to fly, all meet at Tenkaichibudoukai, Goku returns.

Episode 209:
Photographer takes pictures of the group, Piccolo breaks the camera.

Episode 210:
Tenkaichibudoukai starts, Mr. Satan re-enacts Cell Game.

Episode 211:
Fix testing machine, Goten fights Trunks.

Episode 212:
Trunks beats Goten, Mr. Satan worried.

Episode 213:
Trunks beats Mr. Satan with one punch, Meet Kibito and Kaioushin.

Episode 214:
Trunks and Goten disguise themselves as Mighty Mask.

Episode 215:
Kuririn wins his fight, Piccolo concedes to Kaioushin.

Episode 216:
Videl fights Supopobichi.

Episode 217:
Videl loses.

Episode 218:
Videl in hospital, Gohan gives her a Senzu, Gohan faces Kibito.

Episode 219:
Yamu and Supopobichi steal Gohan's power.

Episode 220:
Yamu and Supopobichi return to Babi-di's ship.

Episode 221:
Dabura turns Kuririn and Piccolo to stone, Vegeta fights Pui-Pui.

Episode 222:
Vegeta wins, Goku faces Yakon.

Episode 223:
Goku fights Yakon.

Episode 224:
Android #18, Mighty mask, Jewel and another fighter fight.

Episode 225:
Android #18 reveals that Mighty mask is Goten and Trunks.

Episode 226:
Android #18 throws the fight to Mr. Satan for Videl's sake.

Episode 227:
Gohan's glove turned to stone, Gohan breaks Dabura's sword.

Episode 228:
Vegeta possessed by Ma-jin, destroys Tenkaichibudokai arena.

Episode 229:
Warp to the desert, Gohan and Kaioushin inside Babi-di's ship.

Episode 230:
Goku fights Vegeta, Gohan and Kaioushin fight in Babi-di's ship.

Episode 231:
Gohan and Kaioushin reach the Ma-jin egg chamber, Goku fights Vegeta.

Episode 232:
Ma-jin Boo hatches, Goku fights Vegeta.

Episode 233:
Boo trashes Dabura, Vegeta knocks Goku out.

Episode 234:
Boo trashes Gohan and Kaioushin, Trunks breaks stone Piccolo.

Episode 235:
Boo turns Dabura into a cookie and eats him, Kuririn and Pic back.

Episode 236:
Vegeta battles Boo, he hurts Vegeta's arm, Boo divides.

Episode 237:
Trunks and Goten help Vegeta, Piccolo attacks Babi-di.

Episode 238:
Vegeta attempts to disintegrate Ma-jin Boo, but turns to stone.

Episode 239:
Look for Dragon Balls, Boo wreaks havoc, Goku is healed by Dende.

Episode 240:
Talk with Mr. Popo and Dende, Sheng Long brings back all but Vegeta.

Episode 241:
Boo terrorizes city, Kibito heals Kaioushin, they find Gohan.

Episode 242:
Ma-jin Boo destroys city, Trunks and Goten regain consiousness.

Episode 243:
Gohan withdraws the sword, Ma-jin Boo destroys more cities.

Episode 244:
Boo wreaks havoc, Goku attempts to stop Boo.

Episode 245:
Goku goes to Super Saiya-jin level 3, he fights Boo.

Episode 246:
Super Saiya-jin level 3 Goku fights Boo, Boo kills Babi-di.

Episode 247:
Goten and Trunks are shown how to perform the Fusion Dance.

Episode 248:
Goten and Trunks train at the Fusion Dance, Boo builds a house.

Episode 249:
Goku meets up with Gohan, Piccolo trains Trunks and Goten.

Episode 250:
Piccolo trains Goten and Trunks, Gohan and Goku break the Z sword.

Episode 251:
Goten and Trunks fuse for the first time, get it wrong a few times.

Episode 252:
Mr. Satan meets Ma-jin Boo, they become friends.

Episode 253:
Men Men the sniper kills old couple and Boo's puppy.

Episode 254:
Ma-jin Boo heals his puppy, Boo expells all the evil within.

Episode 255:
The evil expelled from Ma-jin Boo forms into an evil Boo.

Episode 256:
Super Boo launches a fountain of fireballs from Kami's.

Episode 257:
Super Boo turns Chichi into an egg, Super Boo faces Gotenks.

Episode 258:
Gotenks starts his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

Episode 259:
Gotenks launches the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

Episode 260:
Super Boo creates a portal to leave the Room of Spirit and Time.

Episode 261:
Super Boo fights Gotenks at Supr Saiya-jin level 3.

Episode 262:
Gotenks fights Super Boo, Gohan powers up.

Episode 263:
Gohan arrives and battles Super Boo.

Episode 264:
Gohan fights Super Boo, Super Boo charges up, find Dende.

Episode 265:
Super Boo absorbs Gotenks and mutates, Gohan fights Super Boo.

Episode 266:
Gohan fights Super Boo, Vegeta at the gates of Heaven.

Episode 267:
Tenshinhan returns, Super Boo absorbs Gohan.

Episode 268:
Vegeta fights Super Boo, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegetto.

Episode 269:
Vegetto fights Super Boo, Buruma, Chichi and Dabura in Heaven.

Episode 270:
Vegetto fights Super Boo, the others train in Heaven.

Episode 271:
Super Boo does the change attack, Vegetto turned into milkball.

Episode 272:
Vegetto as milkball fights Super Boo, Vegetto absorbed by Super Boo.

Episode 273:
Vegetto separates, Goku and Vegeta explore interior of Boo's body.

Episode 274:
Goku and Vegeta meet up with all that Super Boo has absorbed.

Episode 275:
Vegeta and Goku fight a vision of Super Boo while inside him.

Episode 276:
Vegeta tears the absorbtion pods out from inside Super Boo.

Episode 277:
Vegeta and Goku escape into a canyon with the fighters they rescued.

Episode 278:
Super de-evolves into Kid Boo, Kid Boo invades Heaven.

Episode 279:
Goku and Vegeta decide who will fight Kid Boo first.

Episode 280:
Goku at SSJ 3 fights Kid Boo, Goku is knocked down.

Episode 281:
Goku fights Kid Boo, Vegeta fights Kid Boo, Kid Boo beats Vegeta.

Episode 282:
Kid Boo trashes Vegeta, Kid Boo spits out Ma-jin Boo.

Episode 283:
Ma-jin Boo fights Kid Boo, Porunga is summoned, Earth back to life.

Episode 284:
All the people of Earth raise their hands to create Genkidama.

Episode 285:
Ma-jin Boo fights Kid Boo to keep his attention off of Goku.

Episode 286:
Goku destroys Kid Boo with a Genkidama.

Episode 287:
Vegeta wants to vaporize Ma-jin Boo, Mr. Satan stops him.

Episode 288:
Goku saves pterodactyl eggs from a storm, misses a party for him.

Episode 289:
Eight years later, everyone gathers for the Tenkaichibudoukai.

Episode 290:
The Tenkaichibudoukai starts, fighting assignments passed out.

Episode 291:
Goku leaves his family and friends, he and U-boo fly off to train.