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Max's Dragon Ball Z Page
Episode 1-150


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The Otaku

Episode 1-150

Episode 1:
Raditz lands on Earth, Gohan falls in river, Piccolo fights Raditz.

Episode 2:
Raditz goes to the Kame house and abducts Gohan.

Episode 3:
Gohan Goku and Piccolo go after Raditz to rescue Gohan.

Episode 4:
Goku and Piccolo fight Raditz.

Episode 5:
Goku sacrifices himself so that Raditz can be killed.

Episode 6:
Goku is processed in Heaven, Piccolo takes Gohan for training.

Episode 7:
Goku travels Snake Way, Krillin goes to see Chichi, Gohan trains.

Episode 8:
While trapped on hill during training Gohan goes Oozaru.

Episode 9:
Gohan falls into underground cave and finds old, wrecked robot.

Episode 10:
Yamucha comes to help, Gohan helps hurt dinosaur.

Episode 11:
Vegeta and Nappa destroy the planet Arlia.

Episode 12:
Tenshinhan saves Lunch from a flood, Goku falls to Hell.

Episode 13:
Goku attempts to get back to Heaven, takes secret route.

Episode 14:
Goku tempted by Princess Snake, he refuses her, she attacks him.

Episode 15:
Gohan caught in storm at sea, Piccolo trains in split form.

Episode 16:
Gohan meets a gang of orphans.

Episode 17:
Piccolo trains Gohan, others train in Pendulum Room.

Episode 18:
Artificial moonlight makes Gohan go Oozaru, Goku reaches Kaiou-sei.

Episode 19:
Kaiou trains Goku by having him chase Bubbles.

Episode 20:
Goku trains with mallet against Gregory, others train.

Episode 21:
Goku called back by Sheng Long, Vegeta and Nappa land.

Episode 22:
All but Goku face Vegeta and Nappa, Nappa creates Saibamen.

Episode 23:
Yamucha killed fighting the Saibamen.

Episode 24:
Tenshinhan's forearm broken off, Chaozu killed.

Episode 25:
Everyone fights Nappa, Tenshinhan killed.

Episode 26:
Nappa trashes reporters and navy, Goku leaves Kaiou-sei.

Episode 27:
Kuririn cuts Nappa's face, Piccolo shields Gohan and is killed.

Episode 28:
Kami dies when Piccolo dies, Goku arrives and fights Nappa.

Episode 29:
Goku fights Nappa, Vegeta kills Nappa.

Episode 30:
Goku fights Vegeta.

Episode 31:
Goku starts to charge up, Vegeta goes Oozaru.

Episode 32:
Goku fights Oozaru Vegeta.

Episode 33:
Gohan and Kuririn return, Yajirobe cuts Vegeta's tail off.

Episode 34:
Gohan deflects fireball at Vegeta, Vegeta sees Gohan's tail.

Episode 35:
Vegeta turns Gohan Oozaru, Vegeta escapes.

Episode 36:
The others pick up the survivors and dead, learn of Namek DB's.

Episode 37:
Mr. Popo shows Buruma Kami's spaceship.

Episode 38:
Repair Kami's spaceship, leave.

Episode 39:
Get attacked by other spaceship, captured by kids.

Episode 40:
Buruma saves kids' ship, Vegeta goes to Planet Freeza No.79 to heal.

Episode 41:
Land on illusory Namek, meet "Nameks", look for Dragon Balls.

Episode 42:
Vegeta heals, look for Namek Dragon Balls, Vegeta emerges healed.

Episode 43:
Look for Dragon Balls, captured, Vegeta leaves for Namek.

Episode 44:
Escape illusory Namek, land on real Namek.

Episode 45:
Kuririn and Gohan battle 2 of Freeza's henchmen, Vegeta kills Kiwi.

Episode 46:
Freeza passes the cave where they are hiding, Goku leaves for Namek.

Episode 47:
Freeza kills Nameks, Namek warriors battle Freeza's henchmen.

Episode 48:
Dodoria kills Nameks, Kuririn and Gohan save Dende's life.

Episode 49:
Gohan and Kuririn escape Dodoria, Vegeta fights and kills Dodoria.

Episode 50:
Vegeta looks for Kuririn and Gohan, they escape and find Buruma.

Episode 51:
Vegeta destroys village, Kaiou tells Goku his friends have arrived.

Episode 52:
Kaiou orders Goku not to fight Freeza, Vegeta battles Zarbon.

Episode 53:
Zarbon transformed beats Vegeta, Dende brings Kuririn to Saichourou.

Episode 54:
Saichourou gives Kuririn Ishinchuu and releases his dormant power.

Episode 55:
Train at Kaiou-sei, Vegeta escapes and finds Freeza's 5 Dragon Balls.

Episode 56:
Vegeta steals Freeza's DB's, Gohan finds the one Vegeta hid.

Episode 57:
Vegeta kills Zarbon, Vegeta takes Ishinchuu from Kuririn.

Episode 58:
Freeza calls for the Ginyu Tokusentai, Vegeta confronts Gohan.

Episode 59:
Suushinchuu falls in deep water and Buruma must retrive it.

Episode 60:
Freeza's men make Buruma dive for Dragon Balls, she escapes.

Episode 61:
Gohan's dormant powers are awakened by Saichorou, the Ginyu arrives.

Episode 62:
The Ginyu attacks, they take the Dragon Balls.

Episode 63:
Kuririn and Gohan fight Gurudo, Vegeta beheads Gurudo.

Episode 64:
Vegeta battles Rikuum, Kuririn knocked out.

Episode 65:
Gohan battles Rikuum, Gohan's neck broken, Goku lands on Namek.

Episode 66:
Goku arrives and pases out Senzu, Goku defeats Rikuum.

Episode 67:
Goku battles Jees and Bahta.

Episode 68:
Goku defeats Bahta, Jees escapes.

Episode 69:
Goku battles Jees and Ginyu.

Episode 70:
Freeza attacks the Nameks at Saichorou's temple.

Episode 71:
Freeza fights Nail, Ginyu exchanges bodies with Goku.

Episode 72:
Vegeta returns to Freeza's ship and attempts to summon the Dragon.

Episode 73:
Kuririn and Gohan fight Ginyu in Goku's body, Vegeta kills Jees.

Episode 74:
Goku gets his body back, Ginyu turns into a Namek toad.

Episode 75:
Freeza beats Nail, Kuririn brings Dende to the ship, call Porunga.

Episode 76:
Kami and Piccolo brought back by Porunga, Freeza confronts everyone.

Episode 77:
Piccolo receives Nail's power, Freeza mutates to his second form.

Episode 78:
Freeza tells of Saiya-jin history, Freeza impales Kuririn.

Episode 79:
Freeza tosses Kuririn's body in a lake, Gohan fights Freeza.

Episode 80:
Kuririn cuts Freeza's tail off, Dende heals Gohan.

Episode 81:
Piccolo fights Freeza.

Episode 82:
Piccolo removes his heavy battle clothes, Freeza mutates to stage 3.

Episode 83:
Gohan helps Piccolo, Kuririn shoots Vegeta, Freeza's final mutation.

Episode 84:
Freeza kills Dende, everyone fights Freeza.

Episode 85:
Vegeta loses to Freeza, Goku healed.

Episode 86:
Goku arrives, Freeza kills Vegeta, tells of King Vegeta.

Episode 87:
Goku fights Freeza.

Episode 88:
Goku and Freeza battle using rocks and fireballs

Episode 89:
Goku fights Freeza, Ginyu exchanges frog body with Buruma

Episode 90:
Goku fights Freeza, Buruma as Ginyu finds the others

Episode 91:
Ginyu tries to switch with Piccolo, switches with frog Buruma

Episode 92:
Goku fights Freeza, Ginyu Tokusentai appears at Kaiou-sei.

Episode 93:
Ginyu Tokusentai wreaks havok at Kaiou-sei.

Episode 94:
Goku hits Freeza with Genkidama, the Ginyu fights all at Kaiou-sei.

Episode 95:
Ginyu Tokusentai sent to Hell, Freeza kills Kuririn, Goku goes SSJ.

Episode 96:
Super Saiya-jin Goku battles Freeza, Gohan leaves with Piccolo.

Episode 97:
Super Saiya-jin Goku fights Freeza.

Episode 98:
Freeza bulks up, Gohan takes Buruma back to Goku's ship.

Episode 99:
Super Saiya-jin Goku fights Freeza, Sheng Long is summoned.

Episode 100:
Goku fights Freeza, Sheng Long revives everyone killed by Freeza.

Episode 101:
Dende wishes for Porunga to send all but Goku and Freeza to Earth.

Episode 102:
Characters reflect on Goku, Goku battles Freeza.

Episode 103:
Freeza launches homing energy blades.

Episode 104:
Goku battles Freeza, Freeza cut in three pieces by his own fireball.

Episode 105:
Namek Dragon Balls fall to Earth, Freeza alive but in pieces.

Episode 106:
Goku tries to leave Namek, Gohan fights Vegeta.

Episode 107:
Porunga called on Earth, everyone back to life, Vegeta leaves.

Episode 108:
Marron introduced, Garlic Jr. appears and wreaks havoc at Kami's.

Episode 109:
Chichi, Buruma, Yamucha, and Kame Sennin posessed by vampire fog.

Episode 110:
Garlic Jr's henchmen get Piccolo, Gohan and Kuririn go to Kami's.

Episode 111:
Fight Garlic Jr. and his henchmen at Kami's, Kuririn knocked out.

Episode 112:
Gohan fights posessed Piccolo, Piccolo bites Kuririn.

Episode 113:
Battle three henchmen, Garlic Jr. mutates.

Episode 114:
The two henchmen mutate, the fighting continues.

Episode 115:
Battle Garlic Jr.

Episode 116:
Defeat Garlic Jr. by sending him into a void, people back to normal.

Episode 117:
Gohan and Kuririn go diving for pearls, Marron leaves Kuririn.

Episode 118:
Gohan has mean private tutor, Vegeta returns to Earth.

Episode 119:
Trunks appears, everyone assembles to fight Freeza, his ship lands.

Episode 120:
Trunks kills all of King Cold's henchmen, goes Super Saiya-jin.

Episode 121:
Trunks cuts Freeza to pieces and disintegrates him, kills King Cold.

Episode 122:
Goku meets Trunks, Trunks tells Goku of his upcoming death.

Episode 123:
Goku tells of escape from Namek, shows off his new ability to warp.

Episode 124:
All train for the upcoming battle against the Androids.

Episode 125:
Goku and Piccolo take driving lessons.

Episode 126:
Androids #19 and 20 in city, Yamucha impaled by #20.

Episode 127:
Confront the Androids, give Yamucha a Senzu, battle Androids.

Episode 128:
Battle Android #19, tell of Red Ribbon, #19 absorbs fireball.

Episode 129:
Goku collapses, Vegeta goes Super Saiya-jin for the first time.

Episode 130:
Vegeta tears #19's hands off and disintegrates him, #20 flees.

Episode 131:
Piccolo battles Android #20, #20 loses a hand, Trunks returns.

Episode 132:
Chase Android #20, learn that Trunks is Buruma's baby.

Episode 133:
Android #20 attacks Kuririn, #20 revives #'s 17 and 18.

Episode 134:
Android #17 kills #20, #18 revives #16.

Episode 135:
Vegeta battles Android #18, #18 breaks his arm, Trunks attacks #18.

Episode 136:
#s 17 and 18 take out Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta and Tenshinhan.

Episode 137:
Goku sick, Piccolo reminisces about Goku.

Episode 138:
Androids #s 16, 17 and 18 steal a van, take out a gang of bikers.

Episode 139:
Trunks tells of his future, Goku has nightmare of deaths.

Episode 140:
Gohan and Trunks meet Buruma at the time capsule, find husk of Cell.

Episode 141:
Android #18 has a run in with the police, Piccolo and Kami merge.

Episode 142:
Cell drains citizen, Piccolo fights Cell.

Episode 143:
Cell drains Piccolo's arm, Cell destroys army, tells of his arrival.

Episode 144:
Cell escapes Piccolo, Cell drains the life of a football team.

Episode 145:
Destroy the cave where Cell is incubating in this timeline.

Episode 146:
Kuririn fights Cell on airplane, Cell escapes, Goku recovers.

Episode 147:
Meet at Kami's, Trunks and Vegeta enter the Room of Spirit and Time.

Episode 148:
Piccolo fights Android #17, he tries to blow #17 up, Cell in a city.

Episode 149:
Buruma makes a device that will cause the Androids to detonate.

Episode 150:
Piccolo and Android #17 fight Cell.